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Hey there!

Dalton is the name I was given with tender love by my parents and I liked it, so I kept it. I'm a gender fluid storyteller based in Atlanta. Keeping the dream alive by bartending, how original, I know.

Lucky for me, I found a deep passion in cultivating experiences in both cocktails and acting.

I live by the philosophy: be the change you want to see in the world. The ego stands in the way of so much; do yourself a favor and a take a step back. Whether its on set or in your daily life, don't let a problem define you. Define the problem, work with it & through it.

I am an actor first and foremost, but I have never let that limit me from finding other forms of communication and expression --including dancing; modeling; singing American classics by Bing Crosby, Rihanna, Johnny Cash, and Marvin Gaye; collaborating with others on projects, all while producing my own art; and guitar.  (I’m still working on that last one.)

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